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“What is a painting? A flat surface covered with colors in a certain order assembled ”. Bruno Schiepan, not ignoring the famous assertion of Maurice Denis, has visibly undertaken to demonstrate its reversibility.

The supports he creates are not necessarily flat: they sometimes have a relief and thickness. His brush, although guided by an experienced eye, does not directly attack the surface to arrange colored planes. These will result randomly from a technique he has developed. With the help of very thin adhesive strips, he creates a pictorial framework which gives rise to lines of force. These clear lines, executed on the spot without any preparatory drawing, produce more or less partitioned spaces that the color will cover. It remains to organize the chromatic harmony. The whole produces a dynamic abstract composition, with clear tones.

In the ONDULATIONS the impression of moving lines results from this bias but also from the viewer's perception.

For TOTEMS, the thickness of the support brings an additional dimension to the work: depending on whether it is positioned on the wall or on the ground like a sculpture, depending on the lighting provided to it from the front, from behind or from an angle, the TOTEM table is modified.

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