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Mobile art extèrieur fauteuils Saarinen Knoll découpés et peints

Among all the creations of Bruno Schiepan, the mobiles are like a culmination. The first opportunity to create one was offered to him by Knoll France, which asked him to create an installation for the reopening of its showroom in Paris. Bruno Schiepan had been working with Knoll for several years on the iconic "tulip" line by Eero Saarinen, which he considered both a sculpture and an ideal support for his painting. He thus created and continues to paint Saarinen's chairs, armchairs and tables. Each piece is unique, painted by hand, with a brush, the "tulip" thus becomes a new flower... For Knoll's project, Bruno Schiepan imagined that by cutting up Saarinen's Tulip chairs and armchairs, literally tearing them into pieces, he would make their primary function – sitting – disappear and reinvent them in a new, useless form. : the cellphone. This new creation was like a revelation, a synthesis of all of Bruno Schiepan's aspirations. The very definition of mobile is about balance, a fragile balance that is constantly being recomposed. The search for the balance of shapes, volumes and colors is at the heart of Bruno Schiepan's approach. A great admirer of Calder's work, venturing into his territory, his only ambition was to try to enrich it. Cutting Saarinen's armchairs opened a first path for him: where Calder works on flat surfaces, all his pieces are in volume. It's not a detail. Depending on the angle of vision, the shapes can take on (or not) a meaning. The cutting of the shapes is thus often a source of surprise, birds appear for example. The volumes also clearly reinforce the role of light: moving shadows are created... The volume finally opens up amazing perspectives when it comes to painting it. This is the third singularity of Bruno Schiepan: a real work of painting which further increases the magical and spectacular side of the mobiles. Painting makes it possible to create correspondences between pieces, to suggest unexpected perspectives, to break up shapes or create new ones... Bruno Schiepan's approach to mobiles is thus based on a few simple ideas: - Use an iconic piece of design to tell a new story - Create shapes from other shapes, - Consider volumes as surfaces

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