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Tulip Saarinen Chairs and Armchairs by Schiepan
Bruno Schiepan considers chairs and armchairs to be blank supports-surfaces.
Taking advantage of the remarkable plasticity of the shapes created by Saarinen, he thus transforms a manufactured object into a unique work of art. The parts he makes are now available to order.

For him, the order is stimulating. He sees it as a double challenge: to understand at the same time the personality, the environment and the expectations of the sponsor and to respond to them by surprising him.

To achieve this, ordering parts follows a well-defined process.

The first and decisive step is to define the project. A site visit is ideal but if it is not possible photos can compensate. From this exchange, general parameters are defined, including the style and choice of colors used.

The chairs or armchairs are then ordered from Knoll. Note that Bruno Schiepan only works on original and new models, as evidenced by the certificate of authenticity issued by the publisher.

Added to this is the work of the artist, then the very important work of the lacquerer, whose varnish allows each armchair to retain its usual function. The stability of this polyurethane varnish guarantees long-lasting protection.

The delivery time by Knoll is usually two months. The creation and finishing stage varies from one to three months.

A little patience is therefore required before enjoying your personal and unique copy!

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