Both playful and meditative, his works are always animated by the search for balance.

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For more than 20 years, Bruno SCHIEPAN has been developing a multidimensional practice blurring the boundaries between painting, sculpture and design.

Not claiming to be part of any current while assuming a taste for geometric abstraction, pop art, kinetic art up to art brut, Bruno Schiepan creates a universe that he qualifies as abstract.

His work is the fruit of an endlessly renewed questioning of the relationship between line and color, their rhythm and their vibration. As a plastic artist, he is also interested in variations in shape and volume.

By choosing to adapt new or still unexploited supports to his research, such as the famous Tulip chair by Eero Saarinen, Bruno Schiepan invents a way of looking and taking possession of materials that surprises us.

This is how, after having sublimated Saarinen's chairs and armchairs by painting them, he cuts them today to make mobiles. Airy and fun, with a scale that can reach several meters, they enliven the space while creating a peaceful atmosphere.

His “Totems” or his “Undulations” are object paintings which also come out of the frames. Their pictorial surface in bright colors do not disdain relief, or lend themselves to light effects through a play of transparency, opacity or brilliance.

The colored vibration, the harmony and the dynamics of lines and volumes are preponderant elements in Bruno Schiepan's work. His approach aims to explore their combinatorics without ever exhausting them.

He lives and works between Paris and Le Perche. His creations have been exhibited in Paris, London, Brussels, Geneva, Dublin and Milan.

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